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Embark on a journey of self-discovery and empowerment with our curated collection of guided meditations and hypnotic sessions delivered in crystal-clear MP3 and MP4 formats. At Bliss Fix, we believe in the transformative power of mindfulness, and our carefully crafted audio and video content are designed to elevate your well-being and ignite the spark of bliss within.

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The Peaceful Inside Journey is designed to guide you towards a state of inner peace and emotional equilibrium. This program focuses on cultivating a tranquil mind, fostering kindness, and developing greater control over your emotions. Every session has been specially selected by professional therapists.

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woman meditating with peaceful look on her face.

Unwanted thoughts?

Are unwanted thoughts preventing you from attaining a quiet mind during meditation?  Read more...

woman experiencing blissful massage.

Relaxing Hypnotic Massage Therapy

Experience the blissful feeling of massage without leaving your home.  Read more...

a woman experiencing inner stillness through meditation.

Inner Stillness: A Fast Track to Peace

Inner Peace is an audio hypnosis session created by psychologists that will help you quickly and easily access a sanctuary of refreshing calm within yourself.  Read more...

woman practicing yoga, bending backwards.

Relax profoundly with yoga nidra

Yoga Nidra is the time to still the body and mind after your yoga practice. Created my Hypnotic language professionals. Read more...

woman in lotus position meditating.

Calm clarity with this oneness meditation

Feel grounded and connected with this Guided Meditation.                    

woman meditating with her palms facing up.

Increase your desire to meditate!

Do you enjoy meditating, or do you find it challenging to find the time?  Read more...

Improve your mind skills and be centered in any situation

mindfulness meditation training

Developed by psychologists to make mindfulness meditation simple and blissful.

what's Included in the training?

Mindfulness Meditation
Inner Peace
Stop & Smell the Roses
Know Yourself
Quiet Mind

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